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School Visits

Bring your class to Crabtree Orchard for an outdoor classroom experience your pupils will enjoy and remember.

There are many subjects that can be covered on your visit to Crabtree Orchard...

At Key Stage 1 - a visit can widen small children's first-hand experience in a range of visual, tactile and other sensory situations.

At Key Stage 2 - children are more curious and can apply their knowledge and understanding of ideas regarding the environment in a variety of mediums such as art and literacy.

At Key Stage 3 - a great deal of subjects can be covered by a visit with this age group. Social history, geography, biology, art and literacy are to name a few. Pupils can investigate and debate a wide range of complex issues and understand the environmental, social and economic implications of farming.

At Key Stage 4 - a visit can be used to help explore focused examination subjects both academic and vocational, and concentrate a students attention on many varied aspects of the curriculum:

History - Learn about the history of the orchard and the local area's past; hop growing, the growth of apple orchards, the impact of the Second World War and more recently global market trading practices.

Geography and IT - Study old and new maps to see the decline of local apple orchards over the years, learn about the impact of the weather and climate on the production of fruit. Explore the food production and marketing of local grown produce.

Biology - Pollination, reproduction and conservation.

Art - Draw or paint from the smallest petal or insect to the largest tree or scenic view.

Literacy - Sit quietly in the Orchard. Smell, feel, touch and listen to what nature means to you and write down your thoughts.

We hope you can find a use for the lovely space in Crabtree Orchard, for children to learn in the special surroundings.

Please contact us for more information.